Dear Ministry Leader,

Greetings from Minnie Pause & the Hot Flashes (aka MP3)! To secure a date, please download the remainder of this contract, fill it out and send it in with your deposit (half of the show amount – $750). After the deposit is received, the date is booked and all yours!

If you have any questions, please call 713-478-4251.

Performance Agreement

I. Event Data

Ministry Partner:





Contact Person:

Phone 1:

Phone 2:

Location for performance (i.e. hall, sanctuary, etc.):

Special Instructions:

Sound Technician name and Phone:

Lighting Technician name and Phone:

Time & Date for Sound Check:

Event Date:

Event Description:

Size of Audience:

Web Site:

E-Mail 1:


Honorarium Minimum: $1,500.00

Mileage ($.56/mile/4 vehicles) ______ miles  = $______________

Lodging (See Overnight Stays)  $___________

Food (See Overnight Stays) $__________

Equipment Rental, If nec. $___________

TOTAL EXPENSE $_____________

A $750 Deposit is due when contract is submitted. The balance is due at the event.



 26902 Casper Cliff Court, Katy, Texas 77494


II. Conditions for Performance

MP3 thanks you for this opportunity to serve. The following are requirements of MP3 that will make this event the dynamic performance that is our prayer for you and your organization.

1.) Due to copyright mechanical license restrictions on material, no audio or video recording is permitted without written approval from MP3 prior to the performance. Furthermore, any publication on Face Book, YouTube or other public site is strictly prohibited unless permission is given by MP3’s Board of Directors. Please include this in any announcements you make during the event. This is necessary to avoid violation of copyright laws.

2.) All promotional material MUST be approved by MP3 prior to distribution. A variety of promotional items are available at no charge on the MP3 web site.

3.) Ministry Partner will provide liability insurance for the event and artists.

4.)Ministry Partner will provide reserved parking close to the stage door  for loading/unloading vehicles.

5.) Ministry Partner will arrange for parking area for MP3’s equipment trailer when needed overnight.

6.) MP3 will need 2 electrical outlets by the stage.

7.) MP3 will arrange with your sound technician to arrive the evening before or 3hours prior to the event, depending on time, location, etc. of the event. Please make sure the stage area is cleared prior to arrival. MP3 stage props will be assembled and disassembled by the MP3 crew; however, please arrange for cleaning of the stage area at the close of the performance by a host volunteer.

8.) Ministry Partner will provide 2 host volunteers in the foyer or rear of audience area to display and sell promotional items. Please arrange for product volunteers to arrive early for training. Items will not be sold during the performance.

9.) Please provide MP3 with an agenda or playbill for your event one week prior to performance. Samples are provided on our web site.

10.) 10 guest passes to be provided to MP3 (performance only) at no charge.

For preparation and privacy of the performers, please provide the following:

1) Please arrange for a dressing room with an accessible restroom that is closed to the public and near the stage area with an 8’ table for make-up and costuming.

2) Please provide 1 CASE OF BOTTLED WATER, diet soft drinks, and a light lunch/snack for 8 people in the dressing room 2-3 hours prior to the performance.

3) Our ladies love to sign autographs and have their pictures taken with the audience; however, no one will be allowed in the dressing room 1 hour prior to the show. This is a time for prayer and final preparation.

____________________________________ Ministry Partner Representative/Date

_____________________________________ MP3 Representative/Date

Audio Requirements

Ministry Leaders,

It has always been the desire of MP3 to bless our audiences with the best quality show possible; therefore, MP3 depends on a specific minimum sound system.

MP3 will provide:

 Wireless mic system  4 Audio-Technica ATW-3192A-TH Wireless Systems (includes ATW-R3100 Receiver  ATW-T310 Unipak Transmitter  AT892CW-TH Mic/Headset).

The following are specs for the required sound system:

 Minimum 12 channel sound board (powered mixer) if portable system is used  Effects with re-verb  2 – 15” speakers with stands (powered)  2 Floor monitors (speakers)

 All speaker cables, minimum 50’ long.

We understand that some organizations may not have access to the sound and technical systems necessary for the production of MP3, and In this case, we suggest renting or borrowing the required equipment from large churches, a local high school, local bands or community music stores. Many churches have found these resources valuable in making their events successful. Our sound crew will be in touch with your technician, and together they can determine what is needed. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE SOUND SYSTEM IS IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION PRIOR TO THE ARRIVAL OF MP3.

Overnight Stays

MP3 will make every effort to keep travel expenses to a minimum and limit reimbursement to performers and necessary crew. Expenses will include transportation for performers, crew and equipment as well as four (4) non-smoking rooms with king-sized beds for lodging. Each event requiring an overnight stay will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. In addition, a meal allowance of $50 per diem per performer and necessary crew (minimum of 9) will be collected at the time of final payment.

_______________________________ Ministry Partner Date

______________________________ MP3 Representative Date


III. In Cases of Default

MP3 will not perform in the event of the following:

1) Acts of God, illness, or venues that pose a physical hazard or jeopardize the well being of Artists or crew.

2) Weather conditions that inhibit travel to venue, i.e. but not limited to hurricane, tornado, ice storms, or snow conditions. The show will be a.) rescheduled for a later date; or b.) Ministry Partner agrees to forfeit 1⁄2 the down payment; the remaining 1⁄2 shall be reimbursed by MP3 within 10 business days.

Ministry Partner will be in default of the contract if:

 The Ministry Partner cancels the performance less than 30 days prior to the event date. In this case, the Ministry Partner will forfeit the deposit.

 The Ministry Partner’s deposit payment fails to clear the banking institution. In such cases, a certified check and the final payment will be paid to MP3 within five (5) days as well as payment for all bank charges occurring as the result of insufficient funds.

 The Ministry Partner fails to pay final contract costs after performance. In such case, the Ministry Partner will be deemed in default and agrees to pay all fees incurred to secure full contract terms.

MP3 reserves the right to make additional reasonable requests as needed. By signing this contract, the Ministry Partner acknowledges that pictures, videos, press releases, references and testimonials may be used for publicity at MP3’s discretion.

Minnie Pause and the Hot Flashes is a 501©3 non-profit corporation.

Nullification of Contract: Contract will be null and void and Ministry Partner holds MP3 harmless if deposit amount is not received or does not clear financial institution 30 days prior to performance date. By signing below, all parties acknowledge and agree to the foregoing requirements and conditions of the event.

_______________________________ Ministry Partner Date

______________________________ MP3 Representative Date


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