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One of my favorite lines in the “Joy Unplugged” show is “Some days are just so….daily.”   There are always more dishes to wash, floors to sweep, groceries to buy, and a never ending pile of laundry! We work, take care of our kids, and take care of our parents.  It can seem mundane and monotonous.

In Acts 3 Peter and John were simply on their way to pray at the temple that afternoon. It was a typical day for them. They always went to the temple each day to pray. During their daily routine, God chose to heal the lame man through them. God sometimes causes the most extraordinary things to happen on the most ordinary days and at ordinary places.

As a personal trainer, I’m especially in awe of the lame man’s healing.  This man had been crippled since birth.  He never crawled, walked, ran or jumped.  This means that not only were the bones a problem, but there was no muscle either.  When the lame man was miraculously healed, he got up and began to leap.  Not just walk – JUMP!   He didn’t have to gradually get stronger day by day as anyone who works out is trying to do. He didn’t have to do yoga to get better balance first. God’s healing was complete and total: bone, ligaments, joints, muscle, coordination, and balance.

God has a way of turning ordinary into extraordinary. He spoke, and the sun was created. He formed man out of ordinary dust of the earth. He specializes in the extraordinary.

Sometimes we are like the lame man who was a beggar.  He had to beg for a living and beg to be taken everywhere he went.  He was 100% dependent on those around him.  I am alot like that beggar.  I am begging God daily for the things I need.  He alone can heal me.  He alone can give me peace, comfort during suffering, strength when I have none, and hope when all seems lost.  Only God can give me what my aching heart really needs.

Whatever you are begging for today dear one – strength to stay at home with the kids, wisdom to downsize your house, courage to go back to work, or compassion for a prodigal child – God knows.  He knows who you are and He knows your every need. Don’t be surprised if He gives you the answer during a normal, routine task. And when He has met your need, look at the beggar’s example.  Leap!  Tell everyone what God has done.

“….and don’t forget to thank Him for his answers.”

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